Orlando residents are all too familiar with Central Florida’s roadways. Everything typically goes along just fine, that is until you run into construction or a traffic accident. Not only is it frustrating, it can ruin your day.

A chronic sinus infection can be very similar. The hollow spaces under your eyes, around your nose, and in your lower forehead are where your sinuses are located. Everything is fine when air can move freely in and out and mucus is able to easily drain. But when your sinuses become irritated or infected, the passageways become irritated and swollen. Resulting in a ‘traffic jam, congestion, runny nose, difficulty breathing, eye irritation, and pressure.

Common causes of a sinus infection include, enlarged turbinates,

Reaction to pollen and other common allergens are the most popular sinus problems. Do you know what is at the root of your sinus issues? Is it pollen, pet dander, mold, ragweed, or it could be a number of other things. The doctors at Orlando Ear, Nose, and Throat can help determine the exact cause and an prescribe an effective solution.

Small tissue growths located in the nasal passages can cause a host of problems. Nasal polyps can make it difficult to breath, facial pain, loss of taste, and even sleep apnea. There are several treatments available to treat the polyps.

The septum,  bone and cartilage separating the nostrils, can become torn or diverted and disrupt airflow. This can lead to several problems, infections, headaches, facial pain, and congestion.

Allergy flare up can cause the turbinates to become enlarged and make your life miserable. Turbinates are thin layers of bone, attached to tissue in your nose and covered with mucus. Their goal is to filter allergens out of the air you breath. When they become enlarged, a small air pocket is created that hinders sinuses from draining.

If you are suffering from sinus problems or allergies, don’t let it take the joy out of life. Contact Orlando Ear, Nose & Throat for relief. 

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