As we age, there are significant changes that happen all over the body. The voice and vocal cords are no different. There are several changes that can happen to your voice that are perfectly normal. During adolescence, the voice changes dramatically, especially for boys. Hormones cause rapid changes in the larynx, which causes the voice to change and crack, then deepen.

Later in life, there are more changes that can occur. The larynx changes again, this time losing some mass and control. This can cause reduced volume, endurance, and ability to project the voice. The voice may also take on a thin or shaky quality and may become higher in men and lower in women.

Sometimes, changes to the voice are caused by medications or are indicative of an underlying condition. If you notice sudden changes in your voice or unhappy by the qualities that your voice has taken on, it’s a good idea to speak with your ENT professional. He or she may give you a test to measure the quality of your voice and recommend vocal fitness therapy.


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