Last time readers stopped by, they learned about some great natural supplements which aid in strengthening the immune system. Luckily, the good news keeps on coming. Today, we have more supplements readers can add into a regular healthy diet to boost the immune system.

The immune system and ENT health:

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread, there seems to be a flattening of the curve. However, we are getting into the holiday season, and the stress of normal everyday life seems to be unbearable with seasonal preparation. On top of normal holiday stresses, people will also need to be careful about COVID-19.

It seems that there is a great deal of stress coming up. Although it may seem like a lot, there are natural supplements which can help our bodies fight off viruses and infections. There are some things we can impelemtn into our daily routines.

Eat balanced and healthy foods, get sufficient sleep, and exercise regularly. For any age, this is manageable. For infants, this may look like formula and tummy time. To boost the immune system, the elderly may eat portioned smoothies, grains, and proteins with daily walks around the neighborhood.

Natural ways to boost the immune system:

Last time, we shared the following supplements that help with immunity:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Raw honey

This week we are sharing that garlic helps with immunity as well. Fresh garlic, aged garlic extract, and garlic supplements may reduce the severity of upper viral respiratory infections and function. They may aid in the prevention of viral infections of the common cold as well.

Probiotics are a hot topic in the gut health world. However, gut health really does impact one’s overall health. For this reason, it is great to take or eat probiotics.

They contain good bacteria which support gut health and influence the function of the immune system. It also helps regulate the immune system- keeping your body ready for anything thrown its way. Probiotics are also known to decrease the number of respiratory infections a person has, especially in children.

Beta-glucans may be something you have never heard about before. There have been numerous human trials which have shown beta-glucans stimulate activity against viral attacks. The same findings show beta-glucans cause a decrease in cold and flu symptoms and upper respiratory tract infections.

There are plenty of mushroom species. There are some species that help with immune function in a variety of ways. Shitake, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, and Reishi mushrooms are just some incredible medicinal mushrooms which boost the immune system.

Check out local farmers here in Central Florida growing them! Customers can even buy a kit to grow a supply of mushrooms at home. Be sure to look up delicious, nutritious meal and smoothie recipes to use with your endless supply.

See you next time:

Stop by next week for more natural ingredients to incorporate into your smoothies, meals, or supplement organizer. We know that a large amount of new information is being shared, so we are splitting it up into a whole month series. Check back in next week for more natural ways to boost the immune system.

Remember, keeping your immune system working at its best will help fight off swimmer’s ear, sinus infections, and common colds that are abundant during this time of year. The holidays are coming up. Stay healthy, friends!

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