To perform the examination, our providers will use an instrument called a laryngoscope to have a closer look at the vocal cords and look for any growths or abnormalities. 

How the Examination is Performed

When you arrive at SFENTA for your appointment, you will first meet with one of our vocal specialists. They will ask you to explain your symptoms and may review your medical history. Once your provider understands your symptoms, they will determine the best way to examine the vocal cords. 

The examination may be done using a mirror in some patients, while others require a laryngoscope or videostrobolaryngoscopy. These tools will provide your specialist with a more clear view of your vocal cords. The videostrobolaryngoscopy utilizes a small camera located at the tip of the instrument to transmit larger images. After the examination, your provider will discuss anything they found and recommend a proper course of treatment.

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Who is a Candidate?

If you’re experiencing changes in your voice or pain/difficulty while speaking, you may be a candidate for the examination. Other candidates may include those who are experiencing difficulty swallowing or prolonged coughing. At your appointment, our providers will determine if you are a candidate or recommend another method of treatment. 

What Conditions Can the Exam Detect?

When you begin to notice unexplained vocal changes, a vocal examination may be necessary. Vocal cord and voice examination can help providers find vocal nodules, vocal polyps, laryngitis, prolonged hoarseness, and more.

Benefits of Vocal Cord and Voice Examination

Your vocal cord and voice examination are the first step toward your necessary vocal treatment. The examination will allow your provider to have a deeper look at your vocal cords and understand what may be causing your symptoms. The test requires no downtime or recovery, and can be performed in our office in just a few minutes. 


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Your Examination at SFENTA

If your provider has found that you are a good candidate for an examination of your voice or vocal cords, they will then determine which testing method should be used. The three methods of testing include a mirror tool, a laryngoscope, or videostrobolaryngoscopy. In all three methods, the provider will insert the tool into the throat to examine the vocal cords more closely. During the examination, they will be looking for any growths or other abnormalities. The provider may be able to share their findings with you immediately after the examination, or the results may take longer to review. A biopsy may also be performed. 


If my provider finds a growth on my vocal cord, can it be treated at SFENTA?

Yes. Our staff is able to treat vocal cord nodules and growths.

When should I get a vocal cord exam?

Patients should get an examination if they begin to notice unexplained changes in their voice, pain while swallowing, difficulty swallowing, or prolonged coughing. Patients experiencing severe pain can request an urgent appointment with our providers.

Does SFENTA accept insurance?

Yes. Our office accepts most forms of insurance.

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