Our Comprehensive Care Philosophy

At our practice, we are passionate about our comprehensive care philosophy. At South Florida ENT Associates, we aim to be the single destination for all of your ENT concerns. This is achieved using our network of over 50 board-certified providers. Our physician network is designed to give our providers the space and support they need to collaborate with one another, which provides you the knowledge and training of an entire network during a single visit.

South Florida ENT Associates: Areas of Care

We care for a full range of ENT conditions and provide numerous treatment options to our patients. Because ENT care can span such a wide range, we’ve broken down our areas of care into seven main service categories.


The ears help us hear and play a vital role in helping us maintain our balance. Some of the conditions we treat include ear infections, dizziness, and complicated ear disorders. We offer treatments such as balance testing, ear tubes, and surgery to repair eardrum perforation.

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Audiology is the branch of medicine concerned with hearing. Many patients experience hearing loss as they age, and our staff of highly trained audiologists can help find workable solutions. We treat hearing loss and use methods such as surgery to repair hearing, hearing aids, and cochlear implants.

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Allergies can be summed up as an overreaction from the immune system. Allergies can occur in food, medication, or environmental factors such as dust or pollen, all of which are conditions we treat. We can use treatment methods, including allergy testing, shots, and drops, to help determine the cause of your allergies and help you find relief.

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The sinuses help humidify and filter the air we breathe. When they become clogged or infected, it can result in sinus infections, congestion, and sinusitis. Our staff provides balloon sinuplasty, surgery for nasal polyps and chronic sinusitis, and nasal turbinate reduction as treatments for chronic sinus conditions.

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Head and Neck

Like any other body area, the head and neck can be impacted by infections, cancers, unwanted growths, or disruptions to their normal functions. This includes thyroid masses, enlarged lymph nodes, and head and neck cancers. We offer cancer treatment, thyroid surgery, salivary gland surgery, and more to treat head and neck conditions.

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Voice and Swallowing

Your voice and ability to swallow may come easily to you, but behind the scenes, it takes a combination of muscles and tissues to make them happen. Our staff can help you overcome and navigate your voice or swallowing issues, including vocal tremors, tumors, and hoarseness. SFENTA provides swallowing therapy, acid reflux testing, and endoscopic voicebox inspections as some of our treatments.

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We’ve all experienced the power of getting a good night’s sleep and seen the difference it makes in our day. Sleep conditions, including snoring and sleep apnea, can get in the way of healthy sleep. We offer a range of sleep treatments including sleep apnea testing, sleep apnea surgery, and CPAP machine prescription and monitoring.

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Facial Plastic Surgery

We also offer facial plastic surgery to help patients with cosmetic and functional concerns. This can include a facelift or neck lift for a more youthful appearance, or rhinoplasty to refine the nose and correct functional issues.

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Contact SFENTA

If you’ve been impacted by an ENT-related condition or have been struggling with a chronic condition, contact SFENTA. Our staff will connect you to a provider specializing in the area of care conveniently located near you to help you get started on your treatment path.

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With 2 convenient locations across the Orlando area, we’re never far away.

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